Cheap V. Expensive Makeup

Sooooooo its no secret most girls love or at least wear makeup, but for those of us who don’t dabble in contouring/baking and all these other new techniques, is an expensive makeup kit really worth it?? Well there really isn’t a straight forward answer, but I am here to tell you where going cheap is A-OK

I get asked on the DAILY what foundation I use, and when I throw out a big brand name I usually get an instant cringe followed by a “yea I just use Cover Girl…“. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not bashing Cover Girl, or any other drug store brands for that matter but you need to know the difference between a good drug store brand and a bad one.


So I’m assuming by now you’re like “ok Mia bla bla bla tell me the difference so I can go and watch some Netflix“, well ok, here it is!


Big name brands don’t ‘usually’ just slap a hefty price tag on their products just for fun. An interesting article I read made this point: “Famous brands have a reputation to keep and they do not afford to ruin their image with low-quality ingredients, thus the high price of their products“. Think about it right? With the never ending amount of YouTube reviews and site reviews, big brands have a reputation to uphold!

Not to mention these videos and reviews also educate people and now days most people know what they want in a makeup product, so if you are selling a $90+ foundation you BEST be able to tell me why. Is it organic? Is it vegan? Is it cruelty-free? Is it going to make me look like J-Lo? No? GIRL BYE!!


So why is it so important that makeup is organic/cruelty free/customised to your skin type. Well it’s SIMPLE SCIENCE 🙂 … lemme just put my lab coat and glasses on (stereotyping thoooo).

“Skin (percutaneous, dermal) absorption is a term that describes the transport of chemicals from the outer surface of the skin both into the skin and into the systemic circulation. Skin absorption relates to the degree of exposure to and possible effect of a substance which may enter the body through the skin”.



A study I found interesting found that “Women who use make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies“…  :l





…OK, so now do you see why organic/raw products are important?? Because if a girl (skin) gotta eat, she might as well be eating some raw/organic makeup, you know? And I’m sure not about getting cancer and killing my body just to look cute in my selfies, I do not need that kind of mess in my life!


So back to my original point, cheap v expensive makeup?


Though some brands may cost you a fortune, you really need to dig deeper and ask about what is in this product? Is it benefiting me or is it damaging? Many cheap makeup brands often have highly toxic chemicals to improve their shelf life/pigment etc. and this is the kind of stuff you do NOT want on your skin.

Also, know your brands!

Sadly, and I won’t say which brand, but I have heard that a very popular Australian brand is using private labelling rather then manufacturing on some of their products.

This means that they do not create their own products but rather slap their brand name on already existing (usually low quality and cheap) makeup, and resell it to their clients at a way, WAY higher retail price 😦 BOO!


So for this reason I am presently endeavouring to create my own brand of organic, cruelty free foundation. And foundation ONLY! I think foundation is a staple for most people and it’s so hard to find a good one!

For example, it might be your shade but it’s not full coverage, or might be full coverage but it’s not matte OR might be your shade but you have sensitive skin… we’ve all been there right?

I want to be involved in EVERY step of the manufacturing process to make sure it’s a great quality product and something I can stand behind and justify why making it was necessary. But I won’t go into that just yet as it is still a huge work in progress 🙂

So thats about it! Next time you are buying makeup or getting it done professionally ask your makeup artist how much they charge and WHAT PRODUCTS THEY USE! If they charge $10,000 and use kmart brands, I might be questioning them…

So I hope that was insightful, and as I said, there is not one simple answer, expensive or cheap IT’S ALL IN THE INGREDIENTS! My current favourite makeup range is Tarte cosmetics, but there is plenty of different brands out there for you guys to try with and experiment! I always try to stay up to date with current trends and have huge range of products and brands in my kit so I can generally recommend my favourites.

Always feel free to ask me/comment and I will do my best to answer you but doing your own research is great because only you know what you are looking for in a product! Until next time!


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